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Medical Massage
At Content Massage the term medical massage is a combination of connective tissue massage, post isometric relaxation techniques, trigger point, and other massage techniques that the educated professional massage therapist may discuss with you. The medical massage session type is only available to Platinum Membership holders and the table time varies from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. Extra fees may apply and depending on the service, we can create a super bill for you to send into some insurance companies.

Other Massage Types Offered (Please contact us for pricing)

  • Deep Tissue 1 hour
  • Swedish 1 hour
  • Hot Stones 1 hour
  • Basic Massage 1 hour
  • Prenatal Massage 1 hour
  • Reflexology 1 hour (includes hands)
  • Lymphatic Massage 1 hour
  • Couples Massage 1 hour
  • Senior/Geriatric Massage 1 hour